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    L’Osage Caviar Company., Inc.
    Osage Beach, Missouri.?
    Phone 573-348-1190

    Our Products : Farm Raised American Paddlefish Caviar

    L’Osage Caviar Company., Inc. specializes in sustainable farm raised paddlefish caviar. Our farm raised ranched Paddlefish caviar is the only one that can claim it is a “green” caviar. Paddlefish from our operations feed on only a natural diet of phytoplankton and zooplanktons.

    Interested in our caviar?  Contact us at L’Osage Caviar Company., Inc., Osage Beach, Missouri. Call 573-348-1190 or send email to losagecaviar@usmo.com.

    Caviar Pricing
    **Pricing effective June 1, 2021

    • 1.0 oz. jar @ $35.00
    • 4.0 oz. jar @ $145.00
    • 8.0 oz. jar # $175.00
    • 1 lbs. plastic container @ $350.00
    • Packaging @ $25.00

      *Shipped via Federal Express Priority Freight, freight costs estimates available before shipping.

    Serving Caviar

    Caviar should be served in its' glass jar, nestled in a bed of crushed ice. Display the lid alongside the caviar. It details the source and type of caviar in which the diners will be indulging.

    Use only a mother-of-pearl spoon, never sterling silver. The silver reacts with the salt in the caviar, tarnishing the spoon and giving the caviar a metallic taste.

    Traditionally caviar is served with champagne and with small blinis (buckwheat pancakes) with a dab of sour cream or creme fraiche. It can also be sprinkled on pasta, deviled eggs and scrambled eggs or, for the ultimate decadent treat, simply eaten by the spoonful!


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